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Regular or Premium? What Kind of Gasoline Should You Buy?

You’ve just bought your dream car, the one you’ve diligently worked extra hours and saved your hard‐earned dollars to purchase. Along with a home mortgage and college tuition, a new vehicle is one of the largest investments most women will ever make. The fact that your investment loses some value the minute you drive it off the

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The Hidden Costs of Road Rage

  We’ve all felt it, at one time or another. You’re cruising down the road, chillin’ to your favorite tunes, in steadily moving traffic, when some jerk in an expensive sports car screams past you, an accident waiting to happen, weaving in and out of traffic lanes like he’s lacing up his Michael Jordan high-tops.

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Meet Our Dealer Partner – Hennessy Automobile Companies

  MotorQueen is on a mission to provide you with the best available resources to help you make the most informed vehicle-purchasing decisions for you and your family. Part of that involves partnering with dealerships to bring you special opportunities exclusive to our members. Being a MotorQueen member doesn’t mean you have to know everything

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Safety First: How to Prevent or Survive a Carjacking

Despite a general decline in violent crime, carjackings are on the rise across the United States. That would be a pun if I were talking about the equipment that comes with your car to lift it off the ground so that you can change a tire. But, no, I’m talking about the federal and state

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Tesla Makes a Mini-Model S for Kids!

Innovative electric car maker Tesla, whose Model S-P85D performed better in Consumer Reports evaluations than any car in the magazine’s 80-year history of vehicle testing, has teamed up with Chicago-based toymaker Radio Flyer, known for its iconic, ubiquitous (and much cheaper) red wagons and tricycles, to create a toy model of its Model S for

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