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Attention Muscle Car- loving MotorQueen members! Check out this screaming deal!

We at know that plenty of women have an affinity for muscle cars. Maybe not as many as those who love men with muscle cars, but sales records show that women buy around 14% of the Mustangs, Chargers, Challengers, Corvettes, and other high-horse models.

But those models all come with price tags that are not for the faint-hearted (or should I say faint-walleted?) since more ponies under the hood adds more Benjamins to the cost, right?

Well, maybe not. An Ohio Ford dealership is selling 727-horsepower supercharged 2016 Ford Mustangs for under $40,000!

At Lebanon Ford of Lebanon, Ohio, you can walk in the door with $40,000 cash, and walk out with a brand-new Roush supercharged 2016 Mustang GT packing more power than a Dodge Challenger Hellcat priced around $60,000. If you’re out of the area, they will arrange transportation to your door for an additional fee.


The head of the Roush parts department at Lebanon Ford told The Drive that the dealership opted for the $39,995 price tag “to focus on establishing a nationwide base of enthusiasts rather than making huge profits on each car.” The base model, no-options Mustang GT is at $32,395 MSRP, and the installation of the supercharger kit is $7549.99. Put the two together and you’re driving a pony with 727 horses at an insane bargain.


One wonders what kind of dark magic they have to use to make any money on these cars, but their efforts to build a network of happy muscle car fanatics just became your golden ticket to an outstanding car deal! The upgrade installation is even covered by a 3-year, 30,000 mile warranty!

Lebannon Ford has sold over two dozen of these supercharged beauties, and it’s not a short-term deal or advertising stunt! The dealership has a big selection of new mustangs and supercharger kits on hand, just waiting to take your order.


So, the rumor is true:  you can get a brand-new 2016 Mustang capable of running circles around other muscle cars for just under $40,000, if you don’t spring for styling and other upgrades. That’s more than $22,000 less than lower-tier Challenger SRT Hellcats with all their dealer mark-ups.

Like the saying goes, “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” and check out this deal. If you’ve always wanted a Mustang, here’s a chance to get one at a price that won’t bust your budget!

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Donna Wade
Donna J. Wade is a freelance writer who now is living large in a sleepy southern California mountain town. A former police officer, police academy instructor and disciplinary board member, she is the co-author of Planning for the Unthinkable: A Law Enforcement Funeral Planning Guide, described by reviewers and law enforcement managers as the most comprehensive manual available on the subject. Her work has been published in the FBI Law Enforcement Training Bulletin, the Los Angeles Daily News, and other regional and national publications. An animal advocate, she shares her life with her spouse of many years and two canine fur kids. To learn more visit her website

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